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Wednesday 4th January:               Brian John                     ‘Mistress Martha and the Welsh national narrative’


Wednesday 1st February:              John Evans                    ‘Aviation in Pembrokeshire’


Wednesday 1st March:                  Ken Murphy                   ‘Recent excavations at St Patrick’s early medieval                                                                                               cemetery, Whitesands’


Wednesday 5th April:                  Manoj Kulshrestha           Consultant Ophthalmologist, Hywel Dda UHB

   ‘Secrets of the Grand Masters’


Wednesday 3rd May:                    Rupert Dunn                   ‘A Field to Loaf Journey - Why heritage matters’


Wednesday 7th June:                   Elixabeth Stonhold


Wednesday 5th July:                   Ian Hextall (National Trust)  ‘Southwood Farm - Past and future


Wednesday 6th September:         Martin Roberts - ‘Captain Stephen Gronow’


Wednesday 4th October:             Anthony Plant (Director: Sidney Nolan Trust) - ‘Sidney Nolan and The Rodd’


Wednesday 1st November:          Tony Case - ‘Water & Glass: My Underwater Photography’   

Saturday 25th November:            Sally Moss - ‘Graham Sutherland's sense of places (with a hint of Nolan)’



Wednesday 7th December :           Edward Perkins - ‘Harbours Railways and Airports of North Pembrokeshire’


Wednesday 2nd November:           Prof. Andrew J Oswald - ‘Is High Home-Ownership Really a Good Idea?’


Wednesday 5th October:              Ian Meopham - ‘The Evolution of Tourism around the St Davids Peninsula’


Wednesday 7th September:            Andrew Phillips - ‘Construction of The Cloisters at St Davids Cathedral’


Tuesday 8th:      Anne Pritchard, Senior Curator Historic Art, NMW - Constable - His Influences and Legacy

Tuesday 22nd:    Roger Moss - From drawing to digital: A sculptor's journey


Tuesday 2nd:      Dan Jones - Muck and Magic at Treginnis Farm

Tuesday 16th:    Martin Roberts - Castell Henllys


Tuesday 5th:      Lyndon Lomax - three trips and the most Northerly - a lighthearted wildlife adventure

Tuesday 19th:    Edward Perkins - Milford Haven Inheritance-the story of Milford



Tuesday 1st:      Tom Halliwell - "Ludwig Koch: Master of Nature's Music - The Most Happiest Man"

Saturday 12th:    Paul Edey - Toy Story 2. Is it just a Game?


Tuesday 10th:      Sally Moss - Graham Sutherland and the Beaverbrook Connection

Tuesday 17th:     Martin Roberts - Castell Henllys CANCELLED


Tuesday 6th:     Andrew Phillips:CARREG Construction - How we built Oriel Y Parc.

Tuesday 27th:   Edward Perkins - Mathry Parish


Tuesday 10th:   AC-NMW: Stephanie Roberts, Curator of Historic Art - John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

Saturday 14th:  Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Talk scheduled for Saturday 14th March has ben cancelled.


Tuesday 10th:   AC-NMW: Mark Etheridge, Curator of Industry - The Photography of John Dillwyn Llewelyn

Saturday 14th:  Tom Halliwell - The Birth Of Cinema - The Early Pioneers

Tuesday 24th:   Sally Moss - Graham Sutherland …… and the Italian Connection!


Tuesday 13th:   PCNPA: Ian Meopham  - Climate Change and Pembrokeshire

Saturday 17th:  Rich Cotton - Learning the Ropes: Straw-rope Under thatch in Pembrokeshire'

Tuesday 27th:   Edward Perkins - Pembrokeshire Farming and the First World War



Tuesday 9th: PCNPA: Phil Bennett - The Archaeology of the National Park - Recent Investigation and Excavation

Saturday 13th: Paul Edey: - The Art of Toys


Tuesday 4th: AC-NMW: Dr Dai Jenkins, Principal Curator of Industry

Saturday 8th: Edward Perkins - Pembrokeshire Farming and the First World War

Tuesday 18th: Philip Clarke - "Everything under Pembrokeshire Skies –– a photographic life".


Saturday 11th: Rod Williams - Title TBN

Tuesday 21st:  Dan & Amanda Wright - Hand Made Ceramics and Textiles From The Goat Street Gallery


Tuesday 23rd:  Brian John - Pembrokeshire in the Ice Age


Tuesday 11th: Frans Nicholas - Building Conservation: what’s missing?

Saturday 8th: Sally Moss -"From Darkness into Light", a new insight into the life and work of Graham Sutherland.


Tuesday 25th: Steve Robinson - The Beauty of Stencils

Tuesday 11th: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales: Dr Anne Pritchard, who will speak about the painter James Dickson Innes

Saturday 8th: Edward Perkins -Historic Buildings of Pembrokeshire

Tuesday 28th : Pete Crane PCNP Archaeologist -Introduction to Archaeology in Pembrokeshire

Saturday 11th:Grant Sonnex - Furniture from nature - the story of the Porthmelgan sideboard.



Saturday 14th: Tony Case - Pembrokeshire Beyond Words

Monday 9th:     Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales: Beth McIntyre - A Peter Blake Exhibition


Tuesday 26th: Deborah Withey - The Art of Illustration (Artist in Residence October - December)

Tuesday 12th: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales: Keith Rees, Senior Craftsperson from the Wool Museum
Saturday 9th: Susan Richard- 'Arctic-ulate' (polar-themed poetry and travels) -


Tuesday 22nd: Ian Meopham PNCP– Walking in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Saturday 12th: Eirian and Denys Short – Developing Themes

Tuesday 8th : Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales: Dr Tim Rich - In search of Wild Asparagus

This talk will cover the scientific research and conservation work that has been carried out on wild asparagus in Britain for the last 15 years


Tuesday 24th : Phil Roach -- Oriel y Parc from concept to actuality

Saturday 14th: Audrey Walker -- Textile Art –traditions and innovations

Tuesday 10th: Brian John – A Sense of Place


Tuesday 26th:Rod Williams - Spirit of Place: Sutherland and the Romantic Landscape

Tuesday 12th:John R Kenyon AC-NMW Librarian - Castles of South-west Wales’

Saturday 9th:Celia Thomas Woodland Officer PCNP - Pembrokeshire's Peculiar Trees and 'Wild' Woodland


Saturday 9th: Sian and John Phillips: Poetry... Hitting the Spot.

Tuesday 22nd: Peter Brown - Overlooked Treasures of the Marloes Peninsula (an entomologist's view).

Saturday 12th:Grant Sonnex - "From wildlife radio to landscape furniture - a journey via the Pembrokeshire coast" 

Tuesday 8th:Arabella Calder AC-NMW (Lead Curator & Project Manager - 'Natural Images'): ‘Natural Images – unearthing historic photography at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales.’


Tuesday 26th: Edward Perkins - Pembrokeshire Agriculture 1880 - 1930

Tuesday 12th: Bryony Dawkes AC-NMW Partnership Curator - Images of Pembrokeshire



Saturday 18th: Alison Bevan - Director Penlee House Gallery and museum: Penzance Laura Knight in Cornwall

Tuesday 14th: Katie Mortimer-Jones - Department of Biodiversity and Systematic Biology National Museum Wales - "Seabed Life on your Doorstep" - how museum scientists explore the seabed life around Welsh Coasts. Become a virtual marine biologist and explore the wonders beneath the waves.

Tuesday 24th: Ian Meopham: PCNPA Ranger. The Wildlife of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park


Saturday 14th: Jackie Morris: Artist in Residence (17 Oct 11 - 31 Jan 12). Drawn from Life
Tuesday 10th: Bryony Dawkes: Partnership Curator. Ceri Richards and Debussy



Tuesday 20th: Peter Crane: PCNPA Archaeologist. Thoughts on Forts : Pembrokeshire in the Iron Age
Saturday 17th: Deborah (Debs) Withey. The world of art direction in publication design
Tuesday 6th: Julian Carter from Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales. Nature in Glass: the Blaschka glass models of marine animals'.


Tuesday 22nd: Phil Roach Head of Projects, Property and Building Conservation - 'The Musicality and Design of Oriel y Parc'

Saturday 12th: Edward Perkins Chartered Surveyor. 'A talk on Antique Maps and their development.'

Tuesday 8th: Mike Tooby 'Stories from the Sea' - St Ives Artists

Tuesday 25th: Ken Maycock - "Sutherland in Kent: Recollections of visits to the artists’ house and studio in the 1970’s"


Sally Moss, Curator & Lecturer

Sunday 9th: Charles Norris

Some of our previous talks

Photo: Paul Edey

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