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Dewey Class Topic

200 Religion

201 Religious mythology, general classes of religion, interreligious relations and attitudes, social theology

283 Christian Denominations; Anglican churches

300 Social sciences

398 Customs, etiquette, & folklore; Folklore

500 Science

508 Natural history

551 Earth sciences & geology; Geology, hydrology, meteorology

560 Fossils & prehistoric life

577 Biology; Ecology

580 Plants

590 Animals

592 Invertebrates

594 Mollusca & Molluscoidea

598 Aves (Birds)

599 Mammalia (Mammals)

600 Technology

680 Manufacture of products for specific uses

700 Arts

701 Philosophy & theory of fine & decorative arts

702 Miscellany of fine & decorative arts

703 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances of fine & decorative arts

706 Organizations & management of fine & decorative arts

708 Galleries, museums, private collections of fine & decorative arts

709 History, geographic treatment, biography

710 Area planning & landscape architecture

719 Natural landscapes

720 Architecture

726 Architecture; Buildings for religious & related purposes

729 Architecture; Design & decoration of structures & accessories

730 Sculpture & related arts

732 Sculpture from earliest times to ca. 500, sculpture of non-literate peoples

738 Ceramic arts

739 Art metalwork

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Home Becoming a Friend Social Activities & Volunteering Talks Contact & Location The Library Graham Sutherland Oriel y Parc: The Opening

Index Notes

The Index and The Books

The Index is sorted by Dewey Decimal Classification, then by Artist if appropriate, then by author surname. Other sorting orders are possible. On the shelves the books are filed by Dewey Class but then randomly within each class. (Any volunteers to get them into the Index order?). 'Oversize' books are noted and are stored in the far-right cabinet irrespective of class number. Books with duplicate copies are noted.

Dewey Decimal System

You see the numbers on the spine of nearly every non-fiction library book. The Dewey Decimal System categorises all knowledge by number and is the most widely used book classification system. It provides an index to all classes of knowledge and so enables structured searches for information. The system is managed by the U.S. Library of Congress and is only available in full on payment of a fee.

This OyP Book Index has been compiled by several volunteers using a summary (and free) list of the Dewey Decimal Classifications. Generally only the first three levels of classification have been available, which is to say the first thousand numbers, 0-999. These classify the knowledge to major class groups below which are several sub classes. In assigning a number only the main topic of the book should be taken into account, and the narrowest and most exact class assigned. Some books could only be classified at the highest and most general levels either because we do not have access to the full Dewey system or for simple expediency.

To assist your search the Classes used in this index are listed below.

Click on the icon below to access an Adobe Acrobat .pdf format Library list.

Full Index 10.10.15.pdf

When using the Library:

Thank you.